About me

Hello to everyone whose living the Sexy and Fabulous Happy Life!! My name is Sophia Gonzaga, you can call me Sophie for short and my girls call me Sof for shortest..LOL.. Anyways I am simply Asian and presently residing in one of the busiest and multi-cultured city in the world... "London"

I am 25 y.o., 5'7" in height, brown eyes and hair.
I love different types of cuisine.. i love cooking and gardening.
I love yoga and spring and i love Christmas , i love Valentines day .
I love surprises and i love excitements.
I love make-up i love shopping.
I love coffee and tea.
I love long silky hair and smooth skin.
I love singing and dancing.
I love music.
I just so love creativity and spontaneity in Life..

And aside from that I always keep myself pragmatic and optimistic in a lot of aspects and now I realize that even if im a man genetically but i am a woman by heart and nothing can stop me to feel fabulous and sexy for myself.

I don't owe nor am i oblige to a certain protocol or rules by majority in the society, I just wanna be who i wanna be.. because, not only is life is too short but it is also boring to just be always in your comfort zone.. I also have this inner craving to strut and pout.. lol

I have been to some Tranny / Crossdressing / Transexuals / Ladyboys scenes here in London. I've been to Wayout Club near tower bridge, to Magic Theatre, to Trannyshack, Stunners, Ted's Place and lemme just tell you Ladies every place has its own flavourful beat and styles.... My heart and mind became so open to the thought that it is not only me who has this desire to feel and be sexy but there's loads of other people out there.. 

I hope through this blog I would get the chance to MEET new Friends who also feel sexy about themselves who wears a coat and tie during the day and can pull a dress and heels during the night doesn't that sound so fun and just sexy huh??? No matter how old or how hairy you are.. start feeling sexy deep inside and it will just carry-out. So whenever you feel like hanging-out and got a night free.. feel free to message us or even just a chat sharing some beauty and make-up tips will do..

Hope to hear from you sexy Earthlings!!